Nothing much to say but I came up to some conclusions of life today. I am blessed beyond bless and I always bring back all the glory to God. I know all these hurtful things that I am feeling right now will all end. I am in pain and the person that is inflicting it is someone that is sharing the same flesh and blood and yet all I could do is pray for her. 
Its a very long process…. Her forgiving heart already withered and now I pray that mine wont have the same faith. I am mad at her… Like a wasp. that wants to ruin a flower that is in bloom. I am not sure why people like this exist but I know there are more of these. I am blessed beyond bless, and I will repeat it over and over again. 
I was a sinner, My parents will not forgive me for all the mistakes that I have done but I know that the Lord already did and that’s what’s matter. The enemy will use people to inflict pain and to remind you of your past , They always ruin families and now I know they doing it again.
I pray that like this flower, she will bloom into a beautiful person. I pray 

that her family will have the peace of mind . May the Lord bless her studies and future. I might be insecure or might be afraid I don’t know and I don’t care. What I care is for her to have a better life a life more than material things more that money can buy. May she feel the true love from the most powerful above. I am hoping and praying she would find peace.


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