“I think talking about one’s love life is always… It’s a Pandora’s box, best kept in journals. ” Emma Caulfield
  Pandora’s Box contain all the evil in the world and one child  released it all but one great thing was left and it was shining and glowing and it was HOPE. This light was later on released and this gave happiness and future to human kind as the Mythology have said. Pandora’s box will always be full of surprises and great emotions. 


Now a days a great person have their precious moments stored in a box . Yes Pandora is a sterling silver company that sells great designs of Jewelry . They have over 600 styles of Charms  that you could pick on and the great part is you can design your own. Yes is a hundred percent guarantee that your own Pandora  jewelry is a design of your own unique and special.

Mine was a gift from a very special person in my life. No not my Boyfriend I know, he is much priceless than a Pandora Jewelry. The gift was from an adult that acts as one of my second Mom. I really felt blessed to have the Pandora experience. The truth was I was expecting this to come from my mom, but I guess we are really different persons. As you all know I am more of a clothes, shoes and bags person. Never really dreamt of a Pandora. Until one morning a box was given to me and the next thing I know I am owning one.


The Charms that she picked for me are silver charms. It is consists of 3 charms , the main charm is the one in the middle it is a cross with a heart at the middle of it and it was surrounded by small diamond crystals. She said that represents the same faith we have. Then the 2 other charms that she gave me are two circular mother pearl heart enamel that makes the bracelet symmetrical.
Since I have decided to add more charms in the future, I have decided also to put meaning to every charm in this bracelet. So for the loving mother pearl I have pick that this will represent the love of my parents and those who were at church and for my boyfriend. it represents the love they give to me and the love that I share to them.. The other one represents my love for myself and for my dreams.
I will gonna write more if I have added charms in the future and tell you the story behind it.
Well I am falling in love with the color yellow . A yellow bag is a must have . I think I will invest more on solid colors of bag at call it spring and so does a branded bag at winners.
The lady in floral



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