“Someday I’ll find the right words and I will bloom where I was planted a long ago, until then I’ll be waiting till one day I’ll let go.”

Someday I will find the right words. One day , we will be able to talk again an catch up and laugh at the days we missed each other. My friend I would like to thank you cause if jealousy, betrayal and deep love I will never be here. I will never find a way to Gods grace.  My friend I will always pray for your happiness.
I know we both pray to Have the patience till God’s perfect right time comes. I really miss you. I miss the time when will talk of ramdom stuffs and remember the old times. If you are wondering how am I doing. Well my friend I’m good, life is harsher than before. If you worry much because Im alone, dont be cause in these times of my Life God reminded me he is here. I got your birthday prayer for me , I appreciate it im more than happy that you remembered.


I usually go to starbucks alone in a certain part of down town … cause in that place I remember you and the wat we talk about our dreams of going to Paris. Oh, I have sisters here but they are younger to me . They reminded me of us. H**** remind me of you and T**** reminds me of you well , we are still different but I must admit,in someways were similar. I dont know if you remember me as often as I remember you. I hope someday Ill be able to say the right words . I pray that as we grow up i hope that youd find deep in your heart the forgiveness I deserve.

I’m trying my best to be brave here my friend, so I pray to God that you will also find the strength to go through life. You are a great person I know a oerson like me is easy to replace so I pray the youd find peace and happines with the new people in your life. I pray that they treat you better than I did. I know you deserve more. People begin to trust me again , but I must say Im afraid if id be able to do it this time , I ask God since he is the only person who knows. I’ll do my best in Gods name so my friendship with H & T wont be ruined by earthly lures. Thank you so much I wanted you to know that . You are ine if the best thing in my life my friend. Farewell for now I hope and pray that God will give me the right words and the right time till we meet again.





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